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Rainbow Six: Siege Accounts PC

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  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege account without email access, PC

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    Platform where can play: PC Only


    - This is not a fresh account
    - Can't change email
    - Can't change password

    1. After the purchase, you will get a Uplay account with the game Tom Clancy′s Rainbow Six Siege
    2. You might not only get Tom Clancy′s Rainbow Six Siege in your purchased Uplay account. Other games as bonuses are possibly also contained in the account.
    3.If there is a network lock on the account you bought, or someone prevents you from playing, take screenshots then ask help right away.
    4.In connection with the update of Ubisoft protection, the rating game mode is unavailable.


    Only buy the account if you're accepting it!

    10,50 €