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  • Low Quality Bag
    Low Quality Bag


    Bags contain clothes. This is a low quality bag - which means the skins contained within are worth less than in other bags.

    Opening this will create one item from the following categories.

    Other Items: Army Boots, Black, Black Bandana, Black Beenie Hat, Black Boots, Black Hoodie, Bloody Boots, Bloody Hoodie, Blue Bandana, Blue Beenie Hat, Blue Cap, Blue Hoodie, Blue Jacket, Blue Jeans, Blue Track Pants, Blue Tshirt, Boxer's Bandages, Desert Camo Balaclava, Desert Camo Bandana, Desert Jacket, Forest Camo Balaclava, Forest Camo Bandana, Forest Camo Pants, Green Bandana, Green Beenie Hat, Green Cap, Green Hoodie, Green Jacket, Grey Cap, Grey Longsleeve T-Shirt, Hunting Jacket, Medic Helmet, Multicam Jacket, Murica Balaclava, Nightmare Sweater, Old Prisoner Pants, Orange Longsleeve T-Shirt, Pirate Vest & Shirt, Provocateur Jacket, Punk Boots, Red Beenie Hat, Red Cap, Red Jacket, Red Tshirt, Scavenged Sneaker Boots, Snow Camo Bandana, Snow Camo Pants, Snowcamo Jacket, Tan Boots, Urban Camo Pants, Woodland, Yellow Longsleeve T-Shirt

    Lieferzeit: 1-24 Stunden
    2,00 €
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Resource Information

Hier erhalten Sie eine Auswahl von Skins für das Multiplayer-Online-Survival-Spiel Rust in der Kategorie Resource (Rohstoffe).