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Path of Exile Unique Account

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  • Path of Exile Ancestor SoftCore, Fresh NEW LEVEL 70 TEMPLAR ( Hierophant), ALL Skill Tree available Including 3X Lab (Merciles)

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    - You will have All detail username and password including Email address (u got The detail email address too) u can change the detail whatever u need

    - Leveling gear included (Tabula Rasa, Goldrim, Wanderlust, Lochtonial Caress, ETC)

    - Extra Stack Currency included: Chaos Orb, Fusing, Chromatic, Jeweller, Alteration, ETC

    - All the currency and loot From leveling stays at your account

    - ALL passive Skill tree is AVAILABLE, (already full Regreted Orb) Including "Ascendancy skill tree" (Mean is u can costumize ur own skill Tree)

    - Already 3X Doing Labyrith (Normal,Cruel,Merciles) Mean U Does't Necessary Killing izaro again which is very saving ur time

    - Have 1x HIDEOUT Already (Random I Found When Leveling This Acc)

    - Already killing kitava, Mean is this Account character already in Oriath "after act10" And ready to Mapping

    - All quests which gives passive points included

    - This is hand made Leveling (notfrombotting/notfromcheating)

    - This is very suitable for easyer making new build/or testing new build

    55,10 €
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