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  • Sirus-8 Killer Gear - Blade Blast/Blade Fall Assassin

    Sirius-8 Killer Gearing for Assassin
    What do you receive?
    - You will receive all the gears and gems to be able to play this build. The character itself is not included! Your character should be at least level 80+4labs for the build to be effective.


    Why you should choose this build?
    - Choose the Assassin ascendancy for more damage, movement speed
    - High damage on single target
    - Huge Aoe clear
    - Can do any map mods well
    - All content and bosses viable (Sirus-8, Uber, Shaper)
    +Life over 5k5+ at level 90
    +All elemental res above 75%
    +Stats enough for wearing items and gems
    Build information:
    Weapon 1 Cold Iron point
    Off-hand Cold Iron point
    Body Armour 6 Link Dendrobate, Sentinel Jacket
    Helmet rare helmet with life, res(chaos res)
    Boots Three step Assault
    Gloves Rare gloves with life,resistance(chaos res),attribute(str)
    Amulet Rare amulet with life, chaos damage over time multiplier, some attribute
    Ring 1 Rare ring with life,resistance, atrribute(int)
    Ring 2 rare ring with life, res, curse enemies with despair on hit
    Belt Rare belt with life,resistance(chaos res)
    Life flask with staunching
    Enduring mana flask of heat
    Quartz flask of warding
    coralito's Signature
    Quick silver flask of adrenaline
    Jewel Rare jewel with life, damage over time
    Gem (20/20)
    Increased Area of Effect-Plague Bearer
    Blood Rage-Summon Skitterbots
    Blade Blast-Deadly Ailments- Void Manipulation-Vile toxins-Increased Area of Effect-Unbound Ailments
    Wither-Faster Casting-Spell Totem-Multiple Totem
    Faster Attacks-Whirling Blade-Fortify-Malevolence
    Blade Fall-Faster Casting-Unleash-Spell Cascade

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