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Unique Swords

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  • The Tempestuous Steel (Scourge Standard PC)
    The Tempestuous Steel
    War Sword
    One Handed Sword
    Quality: +20%
    Physical Damage: (25.2-28.8)-(54-60)
    Critical Strike Chance: 5.00%
    Attacks per Second: (1.51-1.60)
    Weapon Range: 11
    Requires Level 20, 41 Str, 35 Dex40% increased Global Accuracy RatingAdds (5-8) to (15-20) Physical Damage
    (8-14)% increased Attack Speed
    Hits can't be Evaded
    Attacks with this Weapon Penetrate 30% Elemental Resistances
    Gain 15% of Physical Attack Damage as Extra Fire Damage
    Gain 15% of Physical Attack Damage as Extra Lightning Damage
    The blade thrums with wild energy
    Eager for vengeance against all who walk free.
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    2,82 €
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