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Unique Shields

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  • Brinerot Flag (Ritual Standard PC)
    Brinerot Flag
    Tarnished Spirit Shield
    Quality: +20%
    Chance to Block: 24%
    Energy Shield: (108-132)
    Movement Speed: -3%
    Requires Level 23, 60 Int(5-10)% increased Spell Damage+3 to Level of Socketed Warcry Gems
    (8-12)% increased Cast Speed
    +(70-90) to maximum Energy Shield
    (20-40)% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
    Warcries grant Arcane Surge to you and Allies, with 10% increased effect per 5 power, up to 50%
    The lords of the sea bow to no one.
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    2,82 €
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