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Unique Helmets

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  • The Bringer of Rain Delve Hardcore PC
    The Bringer of Rain
    Nightmare Bascinet
    Armour: (423 to 564)
    Evasion Rating: (609 to 812)
    Requires Level 67, 62 Str, 85 DexGems in this item are Supported by level 18 Melee Physical Damage
    Gems in this item are supported by level 18 Faster Attacks
    Gems in this item are Supported by level 18 Blind
    Adds 20–30 Physical Damage
    (200 to 300)% increased Armour and Evasion
    +(200 to 220) to maximum Life
    10% chance to gain an Endurance Charge when you Block
    Extra Gore
    Can't use Chest armour
    15% Block Chance
    'What lies beneath your feet?!'
    'Sacred ground, watered with tears of blood!'
    The Bringer of Rain.png
    Lieferzeit: 5-120 minutes
    2,00 €
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