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  • Kaom's Primacy (Betrayal Hardcore PC)
    Kaom's Primacy
    Karui Chopper
    Two Handed Axe
    Physical Damage: (252–395 to 310–486)
    Elemental Damage: (16–32 to 21–38)
    Critical Strike Chance: 5%
    Attacks per Second: 1.00
    Requires Level 58, 151 Str, 43 Dex(160 to 220)% increased Physical Damage
    Adds (16–32 to 21–38) Fire Damage
    +(150 to 250) to Accuracy Rating
    +20 Life gained when you Kill an enemy
    Culling Strike
    One by one, Kaom slaughtered the weakest tribe
    leaders until the others leapt to join his cause.
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