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MHR Sunbreak Item PC

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  • Ontology + Dawning DLC Full Content Modification + Amulet R10 (1000+) PC

    You will get:
    All materials
    All orbs
    All consumables
    R9-R10 weapons/armor 800 pieces
    Character/cat/dog illusion unlock
    All medals
    All titles
    Processing plant
    Weird Crusade 99
    Dawn DLC Talisman R10 (1000+)
    Money MAX.
    Investigation point MAX.
    The number of monsters killed is MAX.
    The number of monsters captured is MAX.
    The number of times the weapon is used is MAX.
    The environmental biographical book is fully unlocked.
    Reconcile all unlocks.
    All medals are unlocked.
    All titles are unlocked.
    Unlock all armors of the protagonist/cat/dog of the processing plan
    Added Rank6+Rank7 full weapons/armor in version 3.7, added out of thin air
    Version 3.7 LV1~LV3 All Orbs Create out of thin air and unlock them all.
    Version 3.7 Consumables/Ammunition/Materials/Coins/Hanging Scrolls/Bogu Frames/Alcoves Create out of thin air and unlock them all
    Version 3.7 Unlock all Hualien
    Version 3.7 The protagonist's full transmogrified skin is unlocked (including the exclusive appearance linkage of amiibo).
    Version 3.7 Cat/dog transmog appearance equipment skins are all unlocked
    Cat and dog equipment, created out of thin air to unlock
    Cat and dog experience value MAX (for a battle)
    All entrusted tasks are fulfilled (Unaccepted orders will be completed directly after acceptance)

    Lieferzeit: 1-24 Stunden
    60,75 €
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