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LoL Unique Account




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  • EUW HandLeveled Fresh Lvl30 | ARAM MMR+30k BE | 350 RP | Recovery Info | Check Description-GR-LuckyFaizel

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    Region: EU West

    information About Account:

    EUW HandLeveled Fresh Lvl 30 | ARAM MMR |45000 +BE | Champion | 350RP | 3 Emotes Recovery Info |

    Honor level 2

    Untouched loot

    Only aram played

    Fresh MMR

    Great Smurf

    Original Email/PW

    -Can stream on it



    ・No Ranked games played

    ・The account has 0 ranked games played. This is perfect, since you can use it as a new smurf and avoid the boring leveling process.

    Unopened Loot

    The account will have the whole loot collected during leveling. That means:

    ・Unopened capsules

    ・Unopened chests

    ・Untouched Orange Essence

    ・Untouched Blue Essence (Levelers can spend a max of 4800 BE during their whole leveling process)

    The E-mail/password of the account can be changed

    Check the Screenshots of the account

    The account is hand-leveled and is 100% safe to play on

    Email access and details will also be provided upon payment so the account will be fully yours. After purchasing, proceed to the League of Legends website to change the account password and email to your own

    58,90 €
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