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Star Trek Online Escort Guide

Star Trek Online Escort Guide
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This guide is scheduled to be released on February 2nd 2010. If you preorder today, we will immediately notify you when it becomes available for download.


Do you want to have more crew members for a wider skill range on your Escort ship? Are you frustrated over the fact that your Escort ship takes too much damage every time you engage in battle? Don't forget that Escort ships are designed specially to be fighters. Read up on everything there is to know and manage the many skills and weaponry to your advantage, especially during battles. Find out when to execute the most effective combination of skills and weapons for each situation you and easy victory won't be a big challenge for you anymore. Get all this information and more in our detailed Star Trek Escort Guide!



Highlights of the Star Trek Online Escort Guide:


  • Strategies to avoid excessive damage in battles and easily gain the upper hand
  • Tips on how to compensate for the small amount of crew members available on board
  • Guides and Escort specific strategies to quickly and effortlessly win battles
  • Methods to speed up the repair rate of your ship



Avoiding Damage During Battles: Don't let all the advantages that the Escort ship has go to waste during each intensive battle. The Escort ship's large stock of firepower and its agility allow it to do very well in battles. Designed especially for tanking, these Escort ships have very high potential to fight well and finish off your enemies with no problem. All this can be accomplished with the detailed tips and tactics offered in this Star Trek Online Escort Guide.


How to Manage Your Crew Efficiently: You might feel that the limited amount of crew members aboard the Escort ship is keeping you from achieving advanced scientific and engineering accomplishments. Don't feel let down. The Escort ship is designed to be a warship, but just knowing that is not enough. Find out the best way to specialize your crew members for a crew that maximizes the performance of Escort ships. Read up on all the tips that will help your crew management in the Star Trek Online Escort Guide.


Finish off Your Enemies Quickly and Effectively: Wouldn't it be nice to save time and move on so that you can level up and get upgrades more quickly? The Escort ship is probably the perfect ship to achieve this, considering the weaponry it has on board and the manner in which it can move around quickly and freely. The Star Trek Online Escort Guide points out the strengths and weaknesses of other ships and how to attack them effectively. The STO Escort Guide contain all the information you need to excel in the game.


Ways to Get Your Ship Up and Running Again After Suffering Damage: When using the Escort Ship, one downside you will discover is that the ship's armor is not the best there is out there, and is probably even the worst. The ship's poor armor is partly compensated for by its ability to move evasively. In times of big battles, it is very difficult to avoid damage. This Star Trek Online Escort Guide gives you recommendations of how to speed up your repair rate and allow your ship to become good as new in the shortest time possible.


Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!


This guide is scheduled to be released on February 2nd 2010. If you preorder today, we will immediately notify you when it becomes available for download.