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NCSoft NCoin Card 2000

NCSoft NCoin Card 2000

Jetzt NCSoft NCoin Card 2000 kaufen!

Bei uns bekommen Sie Ihren NCSoft NCoin Card Code innerhalb der oben angegebenen Lieferzeit direkt per Email zugesendet.

Mit der virtuellen Währung NCoin können Sie in vielen Top-Games von NCSoft shoppen, etwa in Blade & Soul, Aion oder Wildstar.

Ihren NCSoft NCoin Card Code können Sie hier einlösen.

Lieferzeit:5-10 Minuten
Plattform:Official website

19,99 €

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NCSoft NCoin Card 2000

19,99 €

  • Produktbeschreibung

    The virtual currency NCoin allows you to make purchases in many of NCSoft's AAA games like Blade & Soul, Wildstar, Aion or Lineage II. To redeem your NCoin Card Code, log in to your account and select "Apply a Code" or simply click here to log in.Additionally, select cards will also receive a special bonus item for your chosen game as a Thank You for being an NCoin card purchaser! For example, Blade & Soul players could receive 3 Free Scorching Dragon Soup and 20 Soulstones, and Aion players may get a Free Omega Enchantment Stone.