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  • Fortinte Account with Email Access, 100% MARVEL SKINS + Chance to Get Top OG skins | Black Knight, Renegade Raider, Ikonik, Ghoul, Skull Trooper, Galaxy, Travis OR other, PC

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    After purchase you'll receive account with 100% MARVEL SKINS
    A lot of accounts in this box have RARE SKINS
    You get one or more skins from the list below
    Captain America
    Doctor Strange
    And Others Marvel Skins

    Also you have chance to obtain  OG Top SKINS from list below!

    Have chance to get OG RARE SKINS in this list :
    Black Knight
    Ghoul Trooper
    Renegade Raider
    Recon Expert
    Aerial Assault
    Skull Trooper
    Sparkle Specialist |  Astro Jack | EON | Spider Rogue Knight/Arachne | Honor Guard | The Reaper (John Wick) | Travis Scott | Marshmello | Midas
    And other rare OG skins

    Account comes with FULL ACCESS  to email, making you the sole owner.  
    Every account has been manually tested before being listed.

    Can it be linked to PC? - Yes, all accounts are compatible with PC or Mobile devices.
    Can it be linked to Playstation (Ps4/Ps5)? / XBOX / NINTENDO? - This information is specified in the offer, so please carefully check the available platforms in TITTLE

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    7,20 €
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