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Dota 2 Unique Account

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  • [Dota 2] Rank Divine | RANDOM 5420+ MMR | Behavior score 5000+

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    Rank Divine - Random MMR 5420+ MMR

    Level: 10+

    Vac-ban: NO

    *Notes: if you try to remove the phone number in steam account which use to recovery , please make sure you link new phone number never use for dota 2 account ( if use to another steam , just not dota 2 still okay ) . if you try to link the phone already use to another dota 2 it will make your account back to tbd 10 match.

    Warning!!!: Steam Region: Do Not add any kind funds or payment method before your steam store region changed(after 4 weeks ). The system from valve will be tracking and make the acount banned if you add the fund before the steam store region changed. If you got blocked by this reason, we will not replace/refund,

    After you receive account please play 2~3 match unranked for change the region before you find on ranked match (increase the level account)

    128,04 €
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