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Clash of Clans Unique Accounts

Archer Queen Level (AQ)

Barbarian King Level (BK)

Grand Warden Level (GW)

Royal Champion (RC)

Town Hall Level (TH)



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  • [C553] [SC ID] - TH10 full max - Lvl104 - BK40 - AQ40 - 244 Gems

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    Screenshot link: https://imgur.com/a/jnQmt4N

    1. Login via SCID, get code from gmail (When login gmail, if get stuck at security wall: tap TRY ANOTHER WAY - tap the line with - 8-digit-backup and use any of codes I provided)

    2. Please be aware that google will take up to 7 days to mark an newly added device as trusted.

    3.Also Please Do Not Try To Contact SuperCell By Any Chance Since It Will Lead To Account Locked/Banned 100%, It's Not Warranty Case.

    4. To keep the gmail account not being disabled, you must not change PASSWORD/NAME/BIRTH until your device got marked as trusted

    5. Try to avoid those activities that can raise the suspicious level like constantly fail login attempts; switching login device too many times or too fast AND IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE ACCOUNT, DONT SWITCH YOUR ACCOUNT ON THE DEVICE TOO FAST nor making in app purchase too soon (need to wait for 2 weeks at least if you want to do in app purchase)

    50,75 €
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