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Clash of Clans Boosting

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  • 30 days

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    Hosted services Requirement:

    1. While doing Boosting, Buyer can login, The service will continue 30 minutes after the login;
    2. The estimated daily income will be related to your BARBARIAN, Archer, Goblin, Giant level (every day);

    TownHall 8(BARBARIAN,Archer,Goblin,Giant Level4)INCOME:Gold+Elixir=25,000,000 and 20,000Dark Elixir;

    TownHall 8(BARBARIAN,Archer,Goblin,Giant Level5)INCOME:Gold+Elixir=30,000,000 and 20,000Dark Elixir;

    TownHall 9(BARBARIAN,Archer,Goblin,Giant Level6)INCOME:Gold+Elixir=30,000,000 and 30,000~80,000Dark Elixir;

    TownHall 10(BARBARIAN,Archer,Goblin,Giant Level6)INCOME:Gold+Elixir=25,000,000 and 40,000~80,000Dark Elixir;

    TownHall 11(BARBARIAN,Archer,Goblin,Giant Level7)INCOME:Gold+Elixir=25,000,000 and 50,000~100,000Dark Elixir;

    The income is only a approximate number, which will be influenced by more factors;

            3. We will upgrade upgraded walls and upgraded buildings.

            4.During the boosting trophy may drop

    26,70 €
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