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Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team Unique Account

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  • 3200-3500 DB [Level 1] Story& Raid Untouched R+/SR+/SSR Tickets Most |

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    Working For both OS (iOS& Android)

    Get resources by signing in every day, just after the tutorial, the initial number of level 1. Any starter packs are not used


    100% control. You can replace the original klab id, link your own email, log in via your own email (new klab id)

    Check your device to see if you can run this game app before buying! there is a min system requirement for this game and root device does not work due to system protection !

    Account includes:[The content may be slightly different, if you mind, don't buy it]

    Any novice gift packs and plots are not used

    5th Anniversary Heartfelt Thanks Ten Company * 20 sheets

    1800 Days Commemorative Ten Company *7 sheets

    Countdown to the 5th Anniversary Recruitment *13 sheets

    Fantasy limited selection volume*1 sheet

    Model update ten consecutive recruitment*15 sheets

    4th Anniversary countdown series * 7 sheets

    1700-day commemorative ten-company recruitment*7 sheets

    4th Anniversary Selection Voucher*1

    Questionnaire present recruitment roll*1 piece

    4th Anniversary Heartfelt Thanks Ten Company *15 sheets

    Choose SSR*1 for the fifth anniversary

    SSR confirms the volume of 30~50 sheets

    Must bring 11 UR awakening S special move level 30 A special move level 50 players Katagiri 25~35

    A total of 300+ days of login, 60~80 treasures from the well, level 1 initial number, daily sign-in, a lot of resources, a lot of black balls

    14,36 €
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