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Brawl Stars Unique Account

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  • Base in bravl 56 fighters, 25k cups.

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    epics: all but hank,

    mythics: everything but willow, dag.

    Legendary: spike, leon, meg, chester.

    chromatics: gale, volt, collette, lou, gavs, bella, buzz, ash, lola, fang, janet.

    rare and super rare are all there.

    Of skins: Classic shelly, bandit colt, king of barbarians bull, B-800, retro brock, scarlet and regular barley wizard, red dragon jessie, classic dynamike, ricochet, soy darryl, mega box darryl, omega box darryl, dark corsair carl, light bo-meha, upstart emz, footnni, starra, agent pi, leon shark, homemade volt, rebel lola

    Was bought 1 bp, acq 2019, now have 32 gems, 1957 coins, 886 bling.

    About 15 25+ ranks, on el primo 28, many pumped to 9+ strength, tons of quests.

    Also have exl. stickers on rose(halloween).

    TROPHIES: 25000

    BRAWLERS: 56

    69,60 €
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